I got two pieces of formative (read: pointless) coursework back today. One wasn’t so great but the other I got a first on so I’m pretty pleased with that. In less mundane news I watched Unlimited Blade Works on Thursday and have come to the conclusion that the Fate franchise is even dumber than I had initially thought it was. That this can be so saddens me.


I watched ”The Good, The Bad And The Ugly’ the other weekend. Does anyone else find it odd that everyone calls Clint Eastwood ‘Blondie’ in that movie when he isn’t even blond? I’ve also been attending a lot more life drawing classes lately, this week we drew a pregnant woman. Our class leader actually got us to sit in a circle and we each drew for 2 minutes on a picture before moving to the picture next to us. The weird part was that all the pictures looked like they had been drawn by the same person when they were finished. Adios.