Back in Norwich and sorting my life out. I’ve had a couple of strokes of good luck that are really helping me deal with all these ‘real world’ things I have to do now. In other news, I’ve started volunteering at my local Oxfam (that’s a branch of charity shops for our American readers) as of yesterday, so hopefully I’ll gain some valuable work experience, and I think you have to screw up pretty royally to be fired from a place that doesn’t pay you, so I should have plenty of time to do it in.


I realise that I’ve been drawing comics for a good 14 years now. I’ve actually held on to every one I’ve ever drawn, they’re all kept in an art folder and from time to time I do like to look through them. Over the years I came up with a lot of different characters and wrote all kinds of different stories, most of them were goofy comedies but I still find I have a fondness for these¬†characters¬†and their adventures. So starting next week I will be writing the history of all the comics I’ve ever written/come up with. I’ll devote each week to a different comic and talk a bit about them so be sure to watch this space.