Sometimes it’s good to look back. Jake and I read through some of the comic’s archives the other night, and we had a lot of fun. There were jokes we liked that we’d forgotten we’d written, and other jokes that we’d prefer to forget we’d written. Okay, I’d written, but whatever. Jake kept cringing at his old artwork. We’ve been writing for almost a year at this point and I think you can see just how far we’ve come in that short time. Hopefully we’ll keep getting better and keep bringing you something that makes you laugh.


I think I may have been cursed this last week. I was supposed to go down to London last Sunday only for all the trains to get cancelled due to a derailment. The following day I bought a DVD only to find that the wrong discs had been put into the case. ┬áThe light bulb in my shower went out and I’ve been getting pretty bad hay fever lately. On the plus side I saw Brian De Palma’s Blow-Out starring John Travolta, which I quite enjoyed, definately one for anyone who likes movies about making movies.