Being back in Norwich, I’m working my usual shifts at Oxfam. Sometimes business is a little slow but it fills my time up and, in fact, just doing something helpful is very rewarding, and I’m not talking about the fact that it’s for charity (though that helps too); helping people find things, giving directions and even helping a foreign lady decipher the instructions to theĀ Who Wants to be a Millionaire? board-game all just make me feel weirdly happy. So that’s nice.


Drawing action shots is always a big challenge so I’m really happy when the pages come out well (drawing all that money took ages). I’m feeling pretty wiped this weekend. I took a trip to the beach with some friends on Saturday afternoon, soaking up the English sunshine. I saw ‘Monsters University’ in the evening which was a lot of fun. Today I’m playing badminton and helping Luke build some furniture. To tell the truth I’m aching all over but it feels good to stay active.