At time of posting I shall be in London sampling the various museums and… whatever else there is to do┬áthere. I’m visiting a friend and (between my job and working on the comic) it’ll be a nice change to actively do something social for once. You can always count on friends to brighten up the drearier moments of your life, and that’s all anyone can really ask for.


So me and my girlfriend were walking around the Norfolk broads today when this huge Swan starts swaggering towards us. Normally I wouldn’t think much of this however the Swan lifted its wings and charged at us. I’d love to tell you we stood our ground but instead we turned around and ran for the hills. On the way home there was a huge traffic jam in the city, the cause…. a swan was standing in the middle of the road and┬áblocking traffic both ways. Swans are taking over the Earth I tell you.