I’ve been leaving these posts later and later; only rarely do I have anything in mind to say in them. I do have one piece of exciting news for fighter lovers this week (although if you haven’t heard it yet, you might be officially ‘out-of-the-loop’ as far as fighting game fans are concerned) – the Skullgirls Indiegogo campaign finished at well over $825000, meaning we will be getting not one, not two nor three nor four but five DLC characters over the coming months, each of whom will be free for the first three months. The line up of new characters so far is Squiggly, an undead opera singer bonded with a dragon-like parasite named Leviathan, Big Band, a sort of pneumatic cyborg with a a jazz theme, Robo-Fortune, who is to Ms. Fortune as Robo-Ky is to Ky, and two characters to be selected by fan vote by everyone who contributed to the campaign. So yeah, fun times abound.


In recent years I’ve gotten quite into Westerns, and films with Clint Eastwood are particularly good. However before this I actually tried my hand at a Sci-fi Western called ‘One-Armed Bandit’. The story was set on a desert planet ruled by a league of evil casino owners. It followed the tale of Marco, a man who (you guessed it) lost his arm several years prior but now operates as a kind of Robin Hood style bandit. Marco fought with a laser gun styled like an old Smith and Wesson (a good way to get around the problem of how he reloaded the gun quickly) and travelled the desert riding a kind of ostrich-like bird. He was joined by Sunny, a girl who the villains were desperate to capture. This story was to have a number of Sci-Fi tropes including giant robots, psychic powers and even space ships. Phew, I’ve nearly mentioned everything now, just two to go.