This is probably the closest I’ve ever cut it uploading the comic, and it’s mostly out of forgetfulness. I am filled with shame. I also just started wearing glasses, and now that I have them I realise just how bad my vision had gotten. They still feel kind of weird, especially at work where I also have to wear a headset the whole time, but I think they suit me.


Yesterday I took a trip down to London. There’s always so much to see and do there that I always find myself wishing I had an extra day or too there. I had a wander through the Tate Modern in the morning. I’ve actually visited it a couple of times before but every time I go I find myself ┬áconfused by at least one of the pieces there. I also had a wander down Brick Lane. I enjoyed a Brazilian style hot-dog and had a craft beer which came in a pretty funky can. I liked it so much I kept it, think I might make it into a weird flower pot or something.